Collectivité and CTOS implement measures to restore public service | THE DAILY HERALD

MARIGOT–Due to the ongoing strike action by workers of Caisse Territoriale des Œuvres Scolaires (CTOS) and the Collectivité, which has disrupted the school canteen service and extracurricular activities for 46 days now, the Collectivité and the CTOS have taken measures to compensate for the lack of public service.

CTOS requested the assistance of several associations to ensure the supervision of students and the distribution of meals during the lunch break. This measure will be effective as of Monday, March 18. Children enrolled in school catering will therefore be able to benefit from a meal and a welcome, starting Monday.

The Collectivité has set up this temporary partnership because of the situation which affects students, their families, school community, functioning of institutions, and moreover, after a strong demand from many parents.

In the long term, the CTOS extracurricular service and activities will be outsourced, and the partnership with associations will be extended as was already done in the past. The aim will be to welcome children during the lunch break, but also to ensure educational and sporting activities in the after-school period.

At the request of some strikers, a delegation of elected officials led by First Vice-President Valérie Damaseau held an informal information meeting in the meeting room of District Council number one at 4:00pm Saturday, March 16, the aim being to be able to discuss the current crisis, answer their questions, explain the budgetary difficulties that prevent any recruitment and discuss some of the points of the memorandum of understanding (MOU) submitted by the union organisation.

The elected representatives asked the strikers to free up access to the central kitchen to allow non-strikers to access their work stations to prepare meals, starting Monday morning. The first necessity after 46 days of strike is to make school catering work and allow a return to normal service.

Source: The Daily Herald