Collectivité assists ‘Red Eye Crew’ with tickets to Florida


Red Eye Crew publicity poster


MARIGOT–At its last Executive Council meeting on July 26, the Council decided to assist local group Red Eye Crew with air tickets to attend the Zumba Instructor Convention in Orlando, Florida, at the end of July 2017.   Red Eye Crew, whose hit CUKU (can you keep up) is well known in the world of Zumba, was invited to the convention which attracts 8,000 spectators and over a million followers on Facebook. The Collectivité often assists local artistes with their expenses and sees it as a way to promote the island and music to different audiences.


  The Council agreed to pay for eight round-trip tickets from St. Martin to Orlando. President Daniel Gibbs reminded the group that it is representing the island and should at all times be respectful of the institution and its elected officials.

  The Council also voted to assist young basketball player Sherron Brooks for his integration into an elite basketball school in Martinique. The talented Brooks rose up through the ranks with Aya Green Hill and then the Killer Bees in French Quarter. After attending several training camps in France, notably the Tony Parker camp, he joined the Martinique under 13 selection and later an U15 French Guiana selection.  That was followed by attendance at a basketball academy in 2015 (CREPS Antilles Guyane) in Guadeloupe.  At the Martinique academy he has been placed in the top class.

  Due to the financial situation of his family, the Collectivité has decided to assist with his expenses for the school year with an exceptional subvention of 6,000 euros.

  The Council noted it has given a favourable answer on 30 files in connection with the situation of properties located in the so called “50 pas Géométriques”, registered in the 90s. The ad hoc commission regulating these files examined 32 requests during July and gave a favourable opinion on 30. It means the relevant parcels of land in Sandy Ground, Marigot, St. James and Grand Case can now be transferred back to the private domain from the Collectivité, allowing the proprietors to obtain title to their land from the Notary.

  With regard to the market place on the Marigot waterfront, the Collectivité has replaced the former rules for use of the market dated October 6, 2005, with an updated version to take into account some of the new activities of market sellers. In addition it indicated vehicles bringing merchandise are not allowed to park near the tourist market, but once the merchandise has been unloaded the vehicle must be parked further away. Vendors are allowed to erect their stalls from 4:00am and will benefit from one month free rent because of low season (April 15 to October 15).

  The Council has given authorisation for two fishmongers, Alvaro Sanchez and Jean-Robert Zetrenne, to start a business in the market, and offered them three month’s rent free to get their business up and running.

Source: The Daily Herald