Collectivité cleans up Grand Case ahead of ‘Les Mardis’

MARIGOT–The Collectivité, on Tuesday, February 6, under the authority of Vice-President Steven Patrick in charge of sustainable development, began a clean-up of the outskirts of Grand Case.

Many abandoned car wrecks were taken away to the eco-landfill to be treated at the car depolluting and recycling facility located there.
On Wednesday, the environmental service cleared away an entire debris site where for years it had been used as a dump for household appliances and other waste materials.
With Les Mardis de Grand Case starting on Tuesday, February 13, President Daniel Gibbs wishes the village and its approach from either direction be clean and welcoming for the popular annual attraction which is financially supported by St. Martin Tourism Office among other partners.
The clean-up has made it possible to have more parking available on the side of the main road.
Since September 6, 2017, the Collectivité has already removed some 600 car wrecks at its expense. The clean- up campaign continues over the next few weeks.

Source: The Daily Herald