Collectivité creates new waste collection points | THE DAILY HERALD

Example of the Collectivité’s new waste collection bins. (Collectivité photo)

MARIGOT–The Collectivité has been renovating the network of voluntary waste collection points throughout the territory since March, with the creation of 125 new collection points.

Recycling bins for household packaging waste (yellow and green bins) will be replaced and new sites opened and equipped, 125 sites in total.

Concrete bins will be built specifically for green waste on the one hand and for recyclable household waste on the other, and for bulky waste (15 sites in all). It will no longer be permitted to deposit green waste and bulky items next to the refuse bins.

Only the dedicated bins and the waste collection centre authorised to receive this type of waste can be used by private individuals, tradespeople and small businesses. Other professionals must go to the Grandes-Cayes eco-landfill site to dispose of their waste at their own expense.

It is imperative that no waste is deposited at construction sites during the construction period.

Source: The Daily Herald