Collectivité gives owners a week to remove vehicles

MARIGOT–The Collectivité is urging car owners to finalise claims with their insurers to have hurricane-damaged vehicles removed from the public domain as soon as possible.

  It is offering a time limit of eight days, after which owners will have to pay the cost of vehicles being towed away.

  The Collectivité is continuing with the clean-up of the territory and needs to have abandoned vehicles removed. These unused vehicles not only impede traffic circulation and take up valuable space in car parks or on the street, but pose a security and health risk for the population. Abandoned vehicles are breeding sites for mosquitos and flies.

  The Collectivité is also requesting owners of damaged boats to contact their insurers as soon as possible to file their claims. Due to the hurricanes there are many boat wrecks that need to be removed. Owners are asked to take all measures necessary with salvage companies to have these vessels removed from the public domain.

  The Collectivité thanks the population for its cooperation and understanding. 

Source: The Daily Herald