Collectivité honours 88 professional training graduates during ceremony

Some of the recipients of Collectivité awards from the professional training programmes held in 2016 pose with President Daniel Gibbs.


MARIGOT–President Daniel Gibbs and Third Vice-President in charge of education and training Annick Pétrus, honoured the 88 winners of professional training certificates, on Friday, May 26, 2017, at a ceremony organised by the Collectivité in the Sandy Ground Cultural Center.   The ceremony was organised as part of the “Merry Month of Europe” celebrations and of 60 years of the existence of European Social Funds (ESF). The training programmes for the 88 successful graduates were conducted in 2015-2016. 180 candidates took part in various training programmes of whom 88 obtained diplomas validating their new skills. The training institutes included GRETA, Fore Iles du Nord, Institut Formelec, CREP Antilles, Guyane, Inform’IP, with courses supported by social funds.

  Candidates graduated in a number of different fields, such as carpentry, mechanics, construction, landscaping, marine technician etc 

  President Daniel Gibbs praised the efforts and tenacity of the successful candidates, while uaappealing to young people to enrol on training courses to get qualified.

  Through the social funds, three million euros was invested in the training programmes to boost employment possibilities. 12 training courses were offered, some of which are still in progress. Gibbs said more emphasis and investment would be put on vocational training. 

  “This will help develop training to meet the demands of the territory, he said. “For careers in tourism it is urgent that our youth can find work here in St. Martin, as well as in yachting and the marine sector which presents a real potential for our youth.”

Source: The Daily Herald