Collectivité increases financial aid for students in the wake of Irma

Executive Council meeting in progress on Wednesday.

MARIGOT–The Collectivité announced at its first Executive Council meeting of 2018 on Wednesday that Lycée students who had to leave the island temporarily after the hurricanes can benefit from financial aid to continue their studies, while the amount of aid for higher education scholarships has also been increased.

  The territorial scholarships for higher learning based on the financial means of the student were suspended by the Collectivité after Hurricane Irma and replaced for the 2017-2018 school and university year by allocation of financial aid for Lycée students who had to leave the island temporarily and an increase in the scholarship amounts. The aid benefits St. Martin students who meet the criteria of eligibility and who want to continue their studies, or follow or restart studies in the European Union (EU).

  The investment by the Collectivité for this aid amounts to 644,000 euros, of which 85 per cent is contributed by European Social Funds (FSE), and 96,000 euros from the Collectivité. To date, 248 students have registered for this aid.

  Lycée students wishing to benefit from this exceptional aid can contact the Human Development Department (School Affairs) (0590) 29.59.23. or (0590) 87.50.04

  The Executive Council validated the terms of a partnership convention between Banque Alimentaire de Guadeloupe and the Collectivité. Following Hurricane Irma, the bank immediately rendered assistance by sending food to St. Martin. The convention was signed and formalises the partnership that has been operating for a few months already. Dry goods were received by the port in Galisbay and then distributed by the Collectivité to St. Martin families in precarious situations.

  The Council also unanimously voted to renew the convention signed by the Army between the Collectivité and Centre du Service National in the context of the Days of Defence and Citizenship. The Collectivité’s contribution is to provide logistics (location, meals, equipment, etcetera) for organisation of the Days of Defence and Citizenship in St. Martin.

  The Collectivité has decided to reimburse parents for transport cost, namely a bus card, for those families who were forced to put their children in school outside of St. Martin right after the hurricanes. On November 22, 2017, the Executive Council voted to refund the transport cost for the 2017-2018 school year. The bus card costs 140 euros per year. 

Source: The Daily Herald