Collectivité offers CTOS union counter-proposals to end conflict | THE DAILY HERALD

MARIGOT–The Collectivité notes since the union’s refusal to begin negotiations on the end-of-conflict protocol due to the presence of Vice-President Annick Pétrus on Tuesday, March 12, the situation has remained the same.

Elected representatives have therefore proposed the organisation of a meeting with the trade union delegation UTC-UGTG as from Tuesday, March 19, to relaunch negotiations in a spirit of dialogue and mutual respect.

In the meantime, the Human Resources Department has continued the work of reorganising the administration in order to be able to respond favourably to the majority of the strikers’ demands.

The Collectivité and Caisse Territorial des Oeuvres Scolaires (CTOS), in support of a letter signed by President Gibbs and the CTOS President Pascale Alix-Laborde, forwarded on Monday, March 11, the union delegation a counter-proposal to end the conflict, in response to the union’s proposal. This document now needs to be discussed.

The Collectivité and CTOS propose the following points: On Point 1, given a critical budgetary situation, both the Collectivité and CTOS cannot support an increase in staff, especially in the absence of a dedicated budget. In return, the territorial institution proposes alternative recruitment solutions via the associative sector to carry out these public service missions and a follow-up of the Employment Pole for access to employment or training.

Point 2: The Collectivité and CTOS undertake to examine favourably the situation of the staff members on the list of suitable candidates drawn up by the territorial authority on promotions of grade and internal promotion of staff for the years 2016 to 2018.

The Human Resources Department is responsible for tracing the careers of staff members through a written document, in accordance with the provisional timetable officially transmitted to the union on February 13.

Point 3: In view of the current budgetary restrictions, CTOS will have its Board of Directors adopt, after seeking the opinion of the Territorial Council, the outsourcing of the extracurricular activities service.

Point 4: The Collectivité and CTOS undertake to begin negotiations on the establishment of the Civil Servants’ Allowance Scheme from April 15, 2019, for implementation as soon as possible.

Point 5: Collectivité and CTOS undertake to identify the agents concerned and to carry out regularisations if necessary.

Point 6: The meal ticket can only be distributed to staff who cannot eat at their workplace (absence of an internal canteen) and who must therefore eat outside. Each ticket must correspond to a day of work performed. The meal must be taken between working hours. Except in exceptional cases, the ticket cannot be used on Sundays.

Point 8: For the integration of agents classified at C2 level the 2009 mobility law will be applied after selection by a jury which must assess the candidates’ ability to integrate the employment framework.

Point 10: In accordance with the letters of January 30, and February 13, 2019, the Collectivité undertakes to find a union office as soon as possible.

Point 20: Deductions from the salaries of striking employees were made on the principle of non-factual service, which is opposed to any civil servant or public service employee who does not justify his absence within 48 hours, in accordance with the note of March 11, to the attention of the employees of the Collectivité and CTOS.

Point 21: Collectivité and CTOS undertake to examine the specific cases that will be submitted by the union.

At present, almost all the points discussed are the subject of an agreement in principle by the Collectivité except for the first item regarding the hiring of civil servants, for which the Collectivité and CTOS have decided not to accept, and the fourth on the compensation scheme, which requires negotiation. The rest of the items have received a favourable opinion which must now be jointly recorded.

The Collectivité is at the disposal of the trade union delegation to move forward on the terms of this protocol and initiate an exit from the crisis that it hopes will be imminent.

Source: The Daily Herald