Collectivité releases 950,000 euros for schools renovation | THE DAILY HERALD

Ghislaine Rogers School in Grand Case.


MARIGOT–The Collectivité said a budget of 950,000 euros has been specially released this year for the realisation of priority work in the schools. Renovation work in school buildings was already carried out during the summer vacation.

  As a reminder, since the passage of Hurricane Irma the Collectivité has devoted a substantial budget to the reconstruction of the 18 schools damaged by the hurricane, in particular with the financial assistance of the European emergency fund EUSF. This comprehensive rehabilitation required two years of work and more than 20 million euros of investment and was completed in December 2019.

  From now on, the Collectivité will continue the work to bring schools up to seismic standards and carry out rehabilitation of water and electricity networks, with repair of sanitary facilities being the main focus. 

  The first phase of this priority work has been completed. It consisted of renovating the electrical installations in Jérôme Beaupère, Hervé Williams and Elie Gibbs Schools at a cost of 37,800 euros.

  Painting work was also carried out in Evelyna Halley, Ghislaine Rogers, Clair St. Maximin, Eliane Clarke and Omer Arrondell Schools, at a cost of 16,696 euros.

  The rehabilitation of plumbing is currently underway in Siméone Trott, Clair St. Maximin, Evelyna Halley, Jean Anselme, Jérôme Beaupère, Aline Hanson and Hervé Williams Schools, for a total amount of 426,000 euros. These plumbing works constitute a large part of the work schedule for the schools, as the drainage systems are outdated.

  The Collectivité has placed an order for plumbing materials, particularly for the smaller classrooms. Suppliers have indicated that the materials should arrive very soon. A schedule has also been set up with water distributor SAUR for the repair of water leaks.

  Carpentry work will begin this week in Omer Arrondell and Siméone Trott Schools, while façade work will be done in the Eliane Clarke School.

  Other work, mainly plumbing, masonry and carpentry, is scheduled for the coming months. Most of this work will be carried out during the Toussaint vacation, as it involves structural work that may hinder the students’ learning.

  In total, the Collectivité will carry out 950,000 euros of maintenance work by the end of this year to resolve the long-term dysfunctions of sanitary facilities in certain schools and to proceed with the most urgent renovations.

Source: The Daily Herald