Collectivité starts school for parents who have difficulties with children

MARIGOT–The Collectivité has launched the first school for parents (École des Parents) for parents who need assistance in exercising parental authority, resolving problems such as school absenteeism, guidance in managing their day-to-day affairs with the help of social services and knowing their rights and responsibilities.

Creation of a parent’s school is part of the territorial strategy for delinquency prevention, a convention that was signed December 15, 2015, between Collectivité, the State and delinquency prevention department Conseil Local de Sécurité et de Prévention de la Délinquance (CLSPD).
The school is being run by CLSPD in collaboration with the Foundation for Hope and Music Development at its headquarters on Rue de Hollande, St. James. Attendance is free of charge as it is financed by the Collectivité.
CLSPD Head Patrick Hénocq said the aim of this first year is to support 20 families through the school.
“Many parents have difficulties with their children misbehaving, missing school, or are simply at a loss of what to do or where to go,” said Hénocq. “The goal is to support the parents and give them guidance, advice and to foster good relations between parents and their children.”
CLSPD works with the schools that can identify problem children and parents in difficulties. They notify CLSPD and the parents are summoned to participate in the school.
Parents are required to sign on for a six-month engagement. The school consists of four workshops run by specialised counsellors.
One is about the rights and duties of parents with regard to the Civil Code given by Delinquency Prevention unit of the Gendarmerie. Another workshop is given by a psychologist helping parents improve their wellbeing and advising on the relationships between parents and children.
Managing the financial aspects of a household with children is the subject of another workshop that also advises on social assistance available from the Collectivité.
Parents can also exchange with each other on various subjects in the “Parent’s Café” workshop moderated by a professional.
Commented Paul Whit, President of Foundation for Hope and Music Development: “This is a very good initiative. We already organise a lot of activities for the community. This is about us the people and building a better community. It’s our responsibility to head off the problems before they occur. St. Martin will become an unbearable society if we don’t do what we have to do. So I’m very happy to be part of this project.”

Source: Daily Herald
Collectivité starts school for parents who have difficulties with children