Collectivité urges population to sort waste in bins provided

MARIGOT–The Collectivité informs the population that 107 colour-coded sorting bins were placed about the territory in 2016, for the sole purpose of sorting waste to be recycled. Households are encouraged to get into the habit of using these bins to sort their waste.

The idea is to place the items in the bins designated for glass, paper, metal and plastic, and not to place the waste on the ground as the photo shows.

“Without selective sorting, recycling is impossible for communities,” the Collectivité stated in a release. “To sort recyclable waste is to give it a new life which also protects the natural environment.”

The Collectivité and Department of the Environment invite the population to use these bins and to follow the instructions to safeguard the environment and quality of life for all citizens.

For more information, especially for merchants and restaurateurs, please call the Department of the Environment at tel. (0590) 52. 27 30.

Source: The Daily Herald