Collectivité urges preparation as new hurricane season starts

MARIGOT—The Collectivité reminds citizens that hurricane season started on June 1 and ends on November 30, 2017, and advises all inhabitants to start preparing for any eventual storms now.

  This means inspecting ones home for storm-worthiness, checking shutters are working or installing them, stocking up on supplies of food, water, radio, batteries, flashlights, and securing or removing any objects in the yard that could turn into a dangerous missile during a hurricane.

  This year the Collectivité and Préfecture will host several operational meetings with the emergency services as well as Red Cross and other institutions to establish a list of human and material resources at the disposal of the Collectivité and to review a before, during, and after plan for the passing of a hurricane.

  President Daniel Gibbs and his team will organise a major clean-up of the territory at the end of June. This action will not only improve the living environment at the beginning of hurricane season but it is also necessary to prevent accumulation of large amounts of debris and waste.

  The Collectivité is asking all citizens to keep the island clean and start pruning overgrown vegetation and trees now in anticipation of a storm that could occur at any time. Green vegetation and bulky waste items can be dangerous in strong winds and should be taken to the Galis Bay recycling facility or to the landfill in Grand Cayes.

  A sense of responsibility and civic duty is expected of everyone to keep the territory clean. Advance preparation is key and no random deposits of garbage at the last minute on the announcement of a storm will be tolerated, the Collectivité stated.

Source: The Daily Herald