College student holds ‘Bringing or Breaking’ exhibition at Divi June 8 | THE DAILY HERALD

PHILIPSBURG–Twenty-two-year-old Ketiskia Hodge, who is in her third year of Crossmedia Design studies in the Netherlands, will be holding an exhibition about her project “Bringing or Breaking” at Divi Little Bay Beach Resort on June 8 from 5:00 to 8:00pm.

The project is about persons of different age groups reflecting on their student lives. Hodge said she had come to St. Maarten for four months to continue her “Bringing or Breaking,” project and had decided to hold an exhibition.

She said Crossmedia Design is a unique study at Academy of Art and Design AKI Artez in Enschede, Overijssel. It is interdisciplinary in such a way that it gives the possibilities to use or merge different kinds of art forms to create new designs/images for communicative use. For example, in photography class one can work digital, analogue, try new things in the darkroom or build one’s own analogue camera (the list goes on based on how you choose to execute the assignment), she said.

There are different labs such as ceramic, screen printing, graphic printing, 3D printing, a studio and a wood and metal, and a biolab workspace.

“I chose this study because it is precisely what I’ve been looking for. As a young individual interested in many art forms, the academy gives me the possibility to gain skills and knowledge in as many as are available.”

In explaining her project Bringing or Breaking, Hodge said: “I was born in St. Maarten, but was raised both in the Netherlands and St. Maarten. This already has always made me feel like my life has been in two places at the same time. Now that I am living in the Netherlands again, I lack my family and birthplace. But when I am in St. Maarten, I miss my chance for experience, knowledge and independence that I have built abroad.

“In life we bridge and/or we break. Do you dwell on what could have been (breaking) or are you focused on what currently is (bridging)? Or do you think people do both?

“This question brought me back to St. Maarten to do the project called Bridging or Breaking: to interview individuals from various age groups on the island, whether they studied abroad or remained on the island, on how they have dealt or are dealing with their student lives. Each individual expressed their unique story, which some can relate to and many can learn from.”

She said the exhibition at Divi Little Bay Beach Resort will be mainly about this project. The final work of the project will be portrait pictures and the audio of the individuals telling their stories. The exhibition will also consist of an art sale. Hodge will be selling a few art pieces she made between the years 2016 and 2019. They vary from paintings to photographic images, collages and ceramic pieces.

Hodge urges everyone to attend the event.

Source: The Daily Herald