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Medical Health Care officials from Colombia speaking to attendees on Monday.

CAY HILL–ProColombia brought representatives of eleven of the most distinguished Colombian medical institutions to St. Maarten with the purpose of residents meeting the Colombian medical professionals and listening to different medical panels discuss topics on plastic surgery, cardiology, oncology, neurology, ophthalmology, orthopaedics, dentistry, fertility and more on Monday.

The conference was held at Belair Community Centre and the event was free of charge. Colombia has become a leader in the delivery of health services due to its variety of treatment techniques, modern infrastructure, advanced technology, the accreditation of its institutions, highly qualified professionals and medical offerings, according to organisers.

“Colombia is gradually becoming a world-wide example of international patient care due to its value proposition based on high quality standards and outstanding human talent,” said ProColombia President Flavia Santoro.

The medical institutions are in four capital cities, allowing attendees to take full advantage of the characteristics every region has to offer and select the ones that accommodate better to their needs. These hospitals have offices and qualified staff in several languages, which makes the process more pleasant for the patient and their companions.

According to “Migración Colombia” reports, the specialised immigration authority in Colombia, about 60 per cent of all international patients treated in Colombian health institutions come from Central America and the Caribbean. One of the reasons Colombian medical services and health assistance are greatly influential in this region is due to the geographical location whereby patients benefit from being able to travel directly to Bogota in less than a two-hour flight.

Other reasons include clinical expertise, medical training, specialisation, empathy, quality of the services, personalised attention and the public-private partnerships between St. Maarten and Colombia which have become a pillar of the development of the Colombian health sector.

The fact that four Colombian institutions are located among the top 10 in Latin America and that several Colombian hospitals have national and international medical accreditations makes the country a sought-after medical destination for patients in the Caribbean, United States, South and Central America. ProColombia is the Colombian government agency in charge of promoting exports, international tourism, foreign direct investment and country brand.

The one-day event ended at 8:00pm Monday.

Source: The Daily Herald