COM to discuss replacing vacant post GEBE board, Chair’s post

PHILIPSBURG–The Council of Ministers (COM) is likely to discuss replacing the vacant post on the board of utilities company GEBE as well as the position of the Chairman of the board during its next meeting.

One board position became vacant when Romeo Pantophlet left to take up a position as Member of Parliament (MP) for the National Alliance (NA) party.

Minister of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment and Infrastructure VROMI Christophe Emmanuel told reporters at the weekly COM press briefing on Wednesday that he has someone in mind for the vacant board position, but noted that a discussion first needs to be had in the Council of Ministers. He said at the time not all ministers were on island and the “older heads” and “well experienced” were not there. Emmanuel said also that the COM is also likely to discuss whether current Chairman Roy Marlin needed to be replaced given his recent illness.

“In the next Council of Ministers meeting probably next week, we will have that discussion in terms of how we plan to go about it, if we decide that given the conditions that the now sitting chairman, saying that he was ill a few week ago, probably he should be replaced… given his conditions or a full health evaluation,” Emmanuel said. “And I know… about the now MP Pantophlet’s seat is vacant. I have some names, but I have one in particular, but it’s not a decision that one wants to rush into because you are a minister you can’t just make a decision. It’s a discussion that we need to take up in the Council of Ministers and see which direction we will go for both positions, or what decision we will take concerning the Chairman of the Supervisory Board,” the minister said.

Emmanuel had said at an earlier briefing that since the post on the board became vacant several persons approached the ministry expressing interest in taking up the position.

GEBE’s supervisory board consists of seven members. The remaining six members are Marlin (Chairman), Oral Gibbes, Tadzio Bervoets, Sandy Offringa, Agnes Monte and Patrice Gumbs.

Source: The Daily Herald