Comedians leave audience in stitches at LTBB show

COLE BAY–The line-up of comedians who performed at the thirteenth annual Laugh ’Til Belly Burst (LTBB) comedy show on Saturday evening brought the house down and left the capacity crowd in stitches with their seriously funny jokes. The sold-out show was a hit from the first performance to the last act. Some of the jokes were so funny that they brought some audience members to their feet for standing ovations periodically throughout the evening.  

The show opened with energetic Barbadian funny man Snappah, who delivered funny material ranging from differences between the rich and the poor to the children of today.

Local philosopher of humour Fernando Clark, who served as the Master of Ceremonies for the evening, kept the audience entertained between comedy acts with some local funny content that amused patrons. At one point Clark shared the funny side of how he became a comedian, which had patrons laughing.

London’s Glenda Jaxson and Zimbabwe’s Alfred Kainga, who were visiting St. Maarten and also performing at the show for the first time, were amongst the favourites for the evening.

Jaxson delivered her jokes effortlessly and appeared to be naturally funny. She touched on issues ranging for her love for free stuff including free food, and even took jabs in a humorous way at her weight and intimacy matters with her husband of more than 20 years. Her jokes about walking in heels, falling and getting up quickly because of shame was a hit.

There was hardly a serious face in the audience while Kainga was on stage. He introduced himself as the adult product of the donations Americans sent to Africa to help needy kids, whose commercials seeking help always features a fly. He said in jest that in his native Zimbabwe people equate weight with wealth and said people in his birth land automatically think he is wealthy because of his weight, but said this is far from the truth. “I am so big, I can’t even jump to conclusions,” he joked. He also shared some ethnic jokes and after his performance had ended the audience called for an encore and host Clark called him back on stage, where he delivered more jokes much to the delight of the audience.

Toronto’s Marcia Brown delivered two skits with another performer and at one point spoke about her funny encounters with St. Maarten politicians Theo Heyliger and Sarah Wescot-Williams. She even discussed her aggravation over a (non-existent) newspaper article about Prime Minister William Marlin “backing,” which she understood as “baxing” (slapping) the Education Minister. She also wanted “wi-five” instead of “wifi.”

American entertainer Jay Lamont took patrons down memory lane with his convincing impersonations of famous singers and former US President Barack Obama.

Jamaica’s Christopher “Johnny” Daley wrapped up the show as the last comedian to perform. He had performed at last year’s show and was back by popular demand. He shared some jokes about his encounters since his last visit to the island, about his love for St. Maarten’s nude beach and other funny material.

The show’s coordinators humbly apologised to patrons, who regretfully had to be turned away on the evening of the event. Coordinators said because the entrance wrist bands for the show were destroyed, the team had to resort to printing emergency tickets at the 11th hour, which were not up to the standards that the show has set for itself. This unfortunately resulted in some issues.

The show was usually held for two nights in previous years, but was only held for one night this year. Lots of prizes were given away during the show including airline tickets compliments of Winair, a hotel stay, dinner and free goodies from Blue Point.

Source: The Daily Herald