Commonwealth Youth talk global challenges

From left: National Youth Council President Jasmin Ruan and National Youth Ambassador Rohan Petty.

ANGUILLA–Two youth leaders from Anguilla represented the island at the recent Commonwealth Youth Forum (CYF) held in London in conjunction with the Commonwealth’s Heads of Government meeting. They were Jasmin Ruan, President of the Anguilla National Youth Council and Rohan Petty, Vice Dean – Public Relations and Communications of the National Youth Ambassador Corps.

The 2018 CYF’s theme, “Powering our Common Future” provided an opportunity for youth from across the 53 Commonwealth countries plus three Overseas Territories, including Anguilla, to come together to brainstorm solutions to complex global challenges and develop meaningful recommendations which were presented to the Heads of Government. The four topics for discussion were Prosperity, Security, Sustainability and Fairness.

Ruan said, “The breakout sessions of the four topics allowed all youth participants to voice their ideas and participate in the solution-development process. Learning from each other and the panellists facilitated the development of policies which were then voted on by CYF for presentation. Thirteen solutions were forwarded for evaluation and, hopefully, approval.” She added that the breakout sessions allowed her to meet and share information with members from other countries. She said, “You learn so much and gain a much wider perspective on the topics being discussed, which helped to formulate plans and policies to address the issues within the four topic areas.”

Petty said the Forum is a wonderful opportunity for the youth to present their ideas to the Heads of Government, on how best to address issues related to the selected topics. He added that conversing with youth from other countries was an invaluable learning and teaching opportunity in that the interactions helped to dispel stereotypical preconceptions and allowed for the invaluable opportunity to learn about other cultures, share information about Anguilla and realise that youth everywhere experience similar issues and challenges.

Jocelyn Mills, Programme Officer of the Youth Affairs Division in Anguilla’s Department of Youth and Culture was the project person for the Anguillian youth attending the CYF. She said that her Department holds an annual island-wide National Youth Conference during the last week of September, with members of the National Youth Ambassador Corps and the National Youth Council having key leadership roles.

Source: The Daily Herald