Concordia Political Alliance rolls out two programmes

PHILIPSBURG–The Concordia Political Alliance (CPA) will be championing a baseball league programme and a youth development and training centre, according to leader of the political party Jeffrey Richardson. The party held a press conference on Tuesday to make the announcement and to introduce one of the many candidates who will contest the upcoming elections in September with the party.

The Piper Davis Baseball League which is an organization with the objectives to also target young people between ages 16 to 22 years by giving them an opportunity to get into college with the intention of preparing to become a professional baseball player at the same time. “We need hope for our youngsters and in May, this organization will be coming to St. Maarten to pick 16 youngsters to compete in a baseball tournament in the United States,” said Richardson.

Another project being looked at by the political party, who also has a foundation called the new Era Foundation, is the Youth Development and Training Centre. The objectives of the programme already compiled in a report, are to develop young people between ages 15 to 35 years old and to prepare them for the job market and the business world. Richardson said the programme will be creating opportunities for them to not only get and keep a job, but also to start their own business.

Richardson also had a young lady at the press conference to highlight her struggle when she was younger and now a mother. Jennifer Louissiant was born on the island to immigrant parents and has no Dutch rights; she spoke about the struggle of not having anywhere to go when she was younger. “I am working in a store right now for minimum wage and trying to make it. I want to speak up for those who might be going through the same thing. This centre is needed for young people,” she said.

Frendsel Rimon will be on the CPA list and he has many plans for youth development. “In the past I was involved with a foundation that dealt with troubled teens. It’s all about time and dedication, nowadays our children are being neglected and look for love somewhere else. Most troubled youngsters come from broken families. We need to pay attention to our children and give them the attention they deserve. The vision that this party has will put the youth in front.

CPA is a Political Party established on St. Maarten and founded by Jeffrey Richardson in collaboration with a group of other citizens that shared the same ideology. This party was founded to contest the Island Council Elections in 2010.

Source: The Daily Herald Concordia Political Alliance rolls out two programmes