Connor queries stalling of prison renovation, security

PHILIPSBURG–Addressing the dire situation at Pointe Blanche Prison cannot come about just with a change of management, it requires equipping management with tools required to execute tasks they were entrusted to do, said United People’s (UP) party Member of Parliament Claret Connor on Sunday.

  “It is only then that we can expect tangible change and improvements in the operations at the Prison,” Connor said. He intends to lay out his concerns about the prison, the need for urgent renovation, amped up security and the need for rehabilitation programmes for inmates in a letter to Prime Minister/General Affairs William Marlin.

His letter is slated for submission today, Monday.

  “The prison situation is one of the urgent issues that this Government has completely ignored or has been incapable of dealing with.  It is obvious that we have surpassed our concerns about the lack of safety and life threatening realities at the Prison,” Connor said in a press statement. “It has become evident to many that our present ruling coalition and Government have been great on promises but extremely suspect on delivery.”

  Parliament recently had a closed door presentation from the Progress Committee on the situation at the prison. “This committee in plain and direct language informed Parliament of the inability or unwillingness by our Government to effectively deal with the pressing management and safety issues at our prison,” Connor said.

  “What was also crystal clear at least for me is that the main issue is leadership and nothing more. I therefore call on Government to lead,” he said.

  Connor said he is “very concerned” about the status of the plans left behind by the former Government and what Government has done for the past years while the situation continues to deteriorate at the prison.

  The MP wants Government to give an update on the execution of the plans for the renovation of the prison cells, the plans for the office upgrades, and the periodic joint unannounced controls of the prison with other law enforcement units, others also with the marines.

Source: The Daily Herald