Conservatoire to launch Le Galion project this summer | THE DAILY HERALD

MARIGOT–Conservatoire du Littoral will be launching bids for the Le Galion development project this summer, with the project to progress in three phases, Réserve Naturelle’s latest newsletter discloses.

First there will be demolition of recent walls, a major clean-up and clearing of the site. The second is for excavation, roadworks, installation of various utilities with the goal of returning the area back to its natural state as much as possible. The objective is not to build anything in concrete. Only the road will be compacted and flattened.

The third phase is the installation of five picnic areas, a trash collection area, ecological toilets, a wooden deck for a restaurant and signage. A car park to take 100 cars will be set back from the beach, as well as a parking area for buses.

Borders with wooden posts and low fences will safely guide visitors to the beach. The closest approach to the beach will be reserved for fishermen and the surf club with both having keys for access. Two beach volleyball courts are planned as well as activities for children.

The project has been funded 80 per cent by the government and 20 per cent by Conservatoire du Littoral. Conservatoire will also be inviting proposals for a restaurant. Réserve Naturelle, which manages the Conservatoire land, will be responsible for planting vegetation in Le Galion area. These will include coconut palms, sea-grape trees, mahogany trees, and more, all of which should reach heights of between five and six-and-a-half feet.

Source: The Daily Herald