Construction work for Grand Case collective sanitation network starts | THE DAILY HERALD

MARIGOT–The Water and Sanitation Authority EEASM is informing the public concerning the collective sanitation network in Grand Case and phase one which is currently in progress.

  Phase one concerns the streets Rue des Palourdes and Rue des Ecoles (North section) scheduled until January 24. Work will proceed on Rue des Palourdes and the upper part of Rue des Ecoles (boulevard side).

  For this first phase, the pipeline installation and the temporary road repair will end on January 24. The final repair of the roadway should take place as soon as the tests carried out for controlling networks and trench compaction is complete.

  Phase two: Rue des Ecoles (south section) from January 27 to February 14. The second phase of the work will concern the lower part of Rue des Ecoles (RN7 side) and will run from January 27 to February 14. During this period, the lane will be closed to traffic during work hours: Monday to Friday, 7:00am to 6:00pm. During these hours, Grand Case Boulevard will only be reachable via Esperance (Airport) Road.

  A detour will be specially set up for access to schools and residents (see traffic plan). The traffic direction will be reversed on the upper part of Rue des Ecoles. Access to schools will be made as easy as possible. During the closing hours of the street, the schools will be accessible from the RN7 by the bridge located between the two schools, and from the Boulevard by this detour.

  The exploratory operations for the works (siting, sawing) will start on Wednesday, January 22, with no impact on traffic.

  Phase three: Passage des Ecoles, February 17-28. The third phase of the project will concern Passage des Ecoles. Work located directly in front of the schools will therefore be strictly limited to the school holiday period.

  Press releases will be regularly disseminated by EEASM as the works progress and until their completion, scheduled for September 2020. As a reminder, the work to be carried out on the boulevard will take place after the current tourist season, between April and August.

  These works are of crucial importance, as they will allow all residents to connect to a collective network, non-existent at the moment. To facilitate this future connection, EEASM has commissioned a dedicated team to come and meet residents, restaurants and shops, and assist them in the best way in this process. These visits began last November and will carry on over several months.

EEASM thanks the public for its understanding and is grateful for the welcome extended to work crews.

Source: The Daily Herald