Consumers to protest at GEBE offices today

~ Petition against outages launched ~

PHILIPSBURG–Fed up with the frequent electricity outages due to load-shedding, some consumers are planning to protest outside of the main office of utilities company GEBE today, Monday, November 20.

An online petition against the outages also was started. The protest, which was announced by a consumer via Facebook over the weekend, is expected to start at 7:00am. Protestors plan to stand in front of the building to express their frustration. Some residents expressed the view that protesting will not resolve the problem and suggested instead that residents band together and not pay their utility bills.

The petition says GEBE does not care about the people of St Maarten. “GEBE exists only because of their duty to serve the people of this country. The only thing GEBE has shown is their complete lack of interest to this country and its inhabitants,” the petition reads.

“Management is not able to manage a stable electricity supply. Management is not able to foresee the consequences of the company’s short-sighted policy. Management is not able to serve this country’s needs. Management is not even able to provide companies, entrepreneurs and the people with on-time and honest information about the deplorable situation of power supply.”

The petition calls for the replacement of the top brass of GEBE with persons knowledgeable on this subject as well as for the intervention of the responsible Minister.

“People of St Maarten, do not accept this any longer. Stand up against this monopolistic arrogance, destroying your appliances, forcing you to adapt your life to the neglecting incompetence of the company that should serve you,” the petition reads.

The petition had mustered 70 signatures up to late last night

Source: The Daily Herald


  1. It’s about time. GEBE needs to embrace new technologies (solar/wind) instead of buying old technologies (generators) that break down all the time!