Contractor completes prison entrance project

POINTE BLANCHE–Management of the Pointe Blanche prison and Justice Ministry officials were present for a symbolic handing over of the newly-renovated entrance project keys by contractor Liccom on Monday afternoon.

Minister of Justice Rafael Boasman was not able to attend the short ceremony, but Justice Ministry Policy Advisor Khalil Revan and Public Relations Officer Fernando Clark represented Boasman in his absence. Prison management and the contractor broke ground for the renovation of the prison entrance in June 2017.
The renovation is part of a series of reformations to take place at the facility, according to the Ministry of Justice cabinet. The realisation of a new prison is being worked on, but in the meantime contractor Liccom completed the new and improved entrance to the prison.
“The Ministry wanted to make visitors feel more comfortable when visiting prison facilities. Special thanks to contractor Liccom who executed the project despite challenges brought by monster Hurricane Irma back in September. Before, persons had to stay outside in the sun, but now they can come inside and wait to see an inmate in a comfortable space,” stated Revan.
Prison Directors Steven Carty and Wilfred Williams thanked the contractor and Justice Minister for their contributions to making the project a reality. They said the contactor had done an outstanding job on the entrance and they look forward to more improvement projects in the best interest of the prison.

Source: The Daily Herald