Contractor issues ultimatum to MPs Heyliger and Meyers

SUCKER GARDEN–Contractor Robelto and Sons BV issued a 72-hour ultimatum on Friday morning to United People’s (UP) party Members of Parliament (MPs) Theo Heyliger and Franklin Meyers “to publicly retract their false statements” related to the fires at the landfill or  face legal action.

Both Heyliger and Meyers have publicly stated recently that the contractor has collected or at least has billed Government NAf 148,500 some 19 times or for a total of NAf 2.82 million. “This statement is a blatant lie and we will not accept these types of statements from persons whose goal it is to fool the people of St. Maarten and discredit a local company,” the contractor stated in a press release.

The contractor claimed in the release that creditors, many of whom assisted with the fires, heard the MPs’ statements and have requested payment. “This has put our entire company in a very bad light and threatens the very survival of the company.”

Heyliger and Meyers “seem to be very attentive” to the landfill as they “know that exactly 19 fires occurred since February,” said the contractor. “We understand that it is political season but this is no reason to misrepresent the facts with the goal of trying to win an election.”

The contractor questioned if UP is to win the September 26 Parliamentary Election is they will cancel the existing contract. “Is it simply to discredit local businessmen, because you perceive that they do not support you politically?”

Source: Daily Herald
Contractor issues ultimatum to MPs Heyliger and Meyers