Contracts signed for DCCG aircraft | THE DAILY HERALD

Flying units

WILLEMSTAD–Work done in recent years to conclude new contracts for the flying units of the Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard (DCCG) has been completed.

  The main goal was a reliable service provider and modern aircraft equipped with technological tools that help carry out coastguard duties. This translates to an extensive renewal of communications equipment and sensors.

  Added resources include updated day- and night cameras, powerful optical sensors and improved communication tools. The chosen models are considered suitable for sea rescue, search and surveillance tasks.

  The helicopters come from the company Bristow Helicopters Limited. Through the contract with this company, DCCG has ensured service for the next 10 years.

  “As far as planes are concerned, the coastguard signed a contract with ISR Support Europe, a collaboration between PAL Aerospace Ltd. and the Dutch Jetsupport. This guarantees the services of the aircraft for a period of 10 years.

 “The coastguard is very happy with these contracts and the new units to implement its duties,” stated a release.

Source: The Daily Herald