Controls for payment of vehicle tax have started | THE DAILY HERALD

PHILIPSBURG–Controls for the payment of 2019 motor vehicle tax began on Thursday, the Receiver’s Office Division of Tax Administration said in a press release issued on Thursday.

According to the release, all vehicles should have had the 2019 number plates/stickers before the date of controls. Drivers and owners of vehicles who are non-compliant with the law will be fined NAf. 300 and will have to endure the inconvenience of having their vehicles confiscated. A person whose vehicle is confiscated will be required to go to the Receiver’s Office with valid insurance and inspection card for the vehicle in question and pay the motor vehicle tax for the vehicle.

After making payment at the Receiver’s Office, the person will be required to take the 2019 motor vehicle tax receipt to the Police Department, which will provide them with a release form that can be taken to a towing company specified on the release to retrieve the vehicle.

The towing company fee of US $90 plus $15 daily storage fee will have to be paid before the vehicle can be retrieved. The NAf. 300 fine issued by the police will also have to be paid at the Receiver’s Office for violating the law.

The date of controls was agreed to by the Receiver’s Office in cooperation with the Police Force.

By law the deadline for motorists to pay their motor vehicle tax was February 28.

The 2019 number plates, which are yellow in colour, have “50 Years of Carnival 2019” emblazoned at the top and “St. Maarten” at the bottom.

Sections of the community are against the plates, particularly persons who, due to their religious and personal convictions, do not promote Carnival. These persons can use the 2019 windshield stickers, but if they choose to not use the plates on their vehicles, they must have the plates in their vehicles at all times.

A total of 33,278 sets of plates for motor vehicles and 1,000 motorbike plates were ordered for this year.

Motor vehicle tax payment can be made at the Receiver’s Office cashiers at the Government Building and plates and stickers can be picked up at the old Receiver’s Office building on Pond Island next to University of St. Martin (USM).

Source: The Daily Herald