Convention signed for overseas youth training and employment

French Minister of Labour Myriam El Khomri (second right) with students in Paris following the signing of the convention.

MARIGOT–A convention to promote access to employment and training of young people from the overseas territories was recently signed between the Inter-Ministerial Delegation for Equality of Opportunity for the French in the Overseas Territories (DIECFOM), Minister of Labour Myriam El Khomri and large French companies.

  Through this action that favours the youth overseas the Inter-Ministerial Delegate Jean-Marc Mormeck, originator of the project, brought together employers and associations that work with youth overseas, as well as in the Parisian communities to create a platform where information on overseas job applicants can be collated.

  Those applicants are then put in touch with business partners through a dedicated network.  These young job seekers have priority over published job offers and benefit from specialised support.

  Officially launched on November 23, the platform is a website which is managed by Association Jeunesse Outre Mer. It has already compiled some 800 job offers and training opportunities. St. Martin is a member of the network thanks to Maison de St. Martin and Pelicarus Association, a partner also assisting students overseas.

  Young St. Martiners can benefit from this new initiative, while also being accompanied by Maison de St. Martin which continues to guide students in France looking for jobs and training opportunities.

  It also works in partnership with Pelicarus to gradually expand its network of students in university towns of France.

  As part of aiding the employability of the youth, Maison de St. Martin attended on Saturday, November 26, the Job Equality Forum, which took place in the Social Economic and Environmental Council (Palace of the JENA), where 1,500 young people were present. 

Source: The Daily Herald