Cooking gas price increases Saturday

PHILIPSBURG–The prices for cooking gas, unleaded gasoline and diesel will all increase as of Saturday, June 18, 6:00am, the Ministry of Economic Affairs announced on Thursday afternoon. The increases are said to be based on changes in prices on the world market for the commodity.

Unleaded gasoline will cost NAf. 1.86 per litre as of Saturday, an increase from NAf. 1.76. Diesel will increase to NAf. 1.36 per litre from the current price of NAf. 1.22.
Cooking gas (LPG) will cost NA.f 123.12 for 100 lbs., up from NA.f 112.96. A cylinder containing 20 lbs. of LPG will cost NAf. 23.76, increased from NAf. 21.73. Cooking gas by bulk will cost NAf. 1.07 per lb., up from NAf. 0.97 per lb.

Source: Daily Herald
Cooking gas price increases Saturday