Coordination between Gendarmerie and Police formalised with signature

MARIGOT–A convention outlining the already-existing working relationship and coordination of joint actions between Gendarmerie and Territorial Police was signed on Thursday in Hotel de la Collectivité in the presence of Préfète Anne Laubies.

Two conventions in fact were signed; one that outlined specific responsibilities of Gendarmerie and Police, who does what, organising mixed patrols, establishing of protocols and how information should be shared etc., however, details from the other convention were confidential and not disclosed.

Adding their signatures to the conventions were Préfète Laubies for the State, General Bertrand Soubelet on behalf of the Gendarmerie, and Vice-President Ramon Connor for the Collectivité.

Also present were Commandant Sébastien Manzoni and Territorial Police Chief, Albert Conner.

“Throughout France, the Departments and overseas Collectivité’s we favour this co-production for security which is essential,” said General Soubelet prior to the signature. “Security of St. Martiners is something very precious that we defend. The Gendarmerie is absolutely ready in all circumstances to do what we have to do and it is a mission that is collective and has impact on the quality of life for French citizens and St. Martiners.

“Security in St. Martin is a very important element because of its geographical situation, notably proximity to the border with the Dutch side which has the tendency to complicate matters in terms of delinquency. I’m very happy to formalise this cooperation between Gendarmerie and Police. It’s a sign of strength and hope for the future.”

Préfète Laubies said a strong presence from the Gendarmerie in the territory is “absolutely essential” to tackle delinquency and noted the Territorial Police’s close proximity to the local population is a plus.

Responding to a question on the role of the Territorial Police, Police Chief Albert Conner said its role in the first place is to ensure bye-laws implemented by the Collectivité are respected.

“Its role is more preventative, as opposed to taking a repressive role but can be repressive when it needs to be,” he said. “Signing today with the Gendarmerie permits us to have a better working relationship in the interest of safeguarding the population.”

Source: The Daily Herald Coordination between Gendarmerie and Police formalised with signature