Corallo Sr. files complaint against Prosecutor’s Office

PHILIPSBURG–Gaetano Corallo filed a complaint against the Prosecutor’s Office last week for not moving on his criminal claim against his son, millionaire Francesco Corallo.

Corallo Sr. is frustrated with the fact that the Prosecutor’s Office is dealing with the extradition hearing first before dealing with his criminal claim against his son. Corallo Jr. remains behind bars.

Corallo Sr. filed an official criminal complaint with the Detective Department on November 24, 2016, accusing his son of fraud and embezzlement of funds going back to almost 30 years ago. Documents supporting the complaint were provided to detectives early December, according to attorney Roland Duncan, who represents Corallo Sr.

Corallo Jr. was arrested on orders of the Italian authorities on December 13, 2016, in connection with tax evasion and bribery of several politicians. Corallo Sr. filed his case almost a month before that and the Prosecutor’s Office has been unresponsive, according to attorney Roland Duncan.

In addition to the criminal complaint, Corallo Sr. wants damages to the tune of US $10-20 million for loss of revenues from Corallo Jr. The businessman has documents showing that properties owned by him dating back to 1989, including Sea Palace, Fort Amsterdam, land on Great Bay Beach, 50 per cent ownership of Fun Time Casino, Starz Casino, a mansion in the Lowlands and much more, were left in the care of business partners while he was off-island to deal with legal troubles he faced at the time.

Corallo Sr. wants the Court to order the Prosecutor to start the investigation of his case before any extradition hearing.

Source: The Daily Herald