Cornell-Maduro named ‘Griffier’

Commissioners Charles Woodley, Derrick Simmons, Acting Governor Julian Woodley, newly appointed Griffier Militza Cornell-Maduro, Council members Reuben Merkman, Clyde van Putten and PLP Leader Rechelline Leerdam.

 ST. EUSTATIUS–Militza Cornell-Maduro has been promoted as island secretary (In Dutch: Griffier) and Lois Weever-Timber was appointed as interim “griffier” in an Island Council meeting in St. Eustatius on Thursday.

  Also discussed in the meeting were the early childhood development, building permits and the unauthorized alteration of the Statia coat-of-arms.

  The early childhood development motion entailed quality inspection in the day care sector. The policy calls for an inspector to visit the day care centres with the aim of providing guidelines and permits. The inspector will work closely with a designated Quality Committee. The motion was passed unanimously.

  The motion on building permits called for lower fees and provides a more meaningful way to calculate them. The fees were changed in hopes of reducing the building cost and encourage greater building development on the island. This motion was also passed unanimously.

  The Democratic Party (DP) fraction walked out of the meeting just before the other agenda points.

  The motion on the unauthorized alteration of the coat-of-arms called on the Executive Council to send a letter to King Willem-Alexander to request a new royal decree to have the coat-of-arms established according to the original design of 2004.

  Leader of Progressive Labour Party Rechelline Leerdam said each time Councilwoman Adelka Spanner said something was wrong with the coat of arms, it was not clear what she meant. It wasn’t until the designer Walter Hellebrand explained the changes to her that she realized what had taken place. She said once they realized what had taken place they took the initiative to have it corrected. Hellebrand prepared the motion for the Island Council. This point motion passed three votes to zero.

Source: The Daily Herald