Corona-free revelry | THE DAILY HERALD

J’ouvert Morning in St. Eustatius kicked off at 1:00am Easter Monday, April 5, with the Turbulanzz band jamming the hours away leading up to the Easter Monday J’ouvert Wetdown organised by Rebels Band HD.

At four destinations a water truck doused the revellers in water. The parade ended at the GTIS playground where a breakfast sale was held.

Source: The Daily Herald


  1. Unfortunately only 30 percent of the adults are vaccinated. So these kind of super spreader events will make carnival even more dangerous. Why are not as much persons vaccinated as on Saba?
    One big difference is that on Saba, the government is trusted by the people.

    But even if Van Rij and all his helpers and other colonialists are the enemy of all well-thinking freedom-minded people, the mayor enemy of life of us all is the covid19-virus. We are obligated to protect ourselves to protect our loved ones. Otherwise we exterminate our population, and faster and better than the colonialists have done it in the past with small pox, measles and diphtheria.