Corporate Business Awards 2021 highlight private sector diligence | THE DAILY HERALD

From left: Entrepreneur of the Year Makeba Mitchell of ICS Statia with Government Commissioner of St. Eustatius Marnix van Rij and owner/chief executive officer of Excellence Consultancy Minerva Hook-Van Putten.

ST. EUSTATIUS–In a heart-warming ambience with great attendance, Excellence Consultancy hosted the St. Eustatius Corporate Business Awards 2021, highlighting the diligence of the workforce in the island’s private sector.


CEO of Eutel NV Maryteresse Lijfrock-Redan (left) received the Boss of the Year Award during the St. Eustatius Corporate Business Awards 2021 ceremony. She is here with Commissioner Marnix van Rij (centre) and event organiser Minerva Hook-Van Putten of Excellence Consultancy.


Jacquil Pandt of Jacquil Imagery is Freelancer of the Year 2021. As he was off island his aunt Juanice Brown (left) collected the award on his behalf.

There were awardees for various segments. Maryteresse Lijfrock-Redan of telecommunications company EUTEL NV was awarded Boss of the Year 2021. Makeba Mitchell of ICS Statia was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year 2021, and Jacquil Pandt of Jacquil Imagery was awarded Freelancer of the Year 2021.

  There were also two awards and tokens of appreciation given to hard-working individuals in Statia’s community. The Pride of Workmanship Awards was handed to Winston Tearr and the Women in Business Award to Louise Gumbs-Duggins of Duggins Supermarket and Hardware Store NV.

  “The commerce industry on the island is steadily increasing as new businesses are being formed, chief executive officers (CEO’s) and directors are being appointed and freelancing has become a great trend. The Corporate Business Awards 2021 was the platform for employees and stakeholders to select St. Eustatius’ Boss of the Year, Entrepreneur of the Year and Freelancer of the year,” owner and CEO of Excellence Consultancy Minerva Hook-Van Putten explained.

  The nominations were divided over different categories. Boss of the Year for the CEO or managing director of an establishment that is not in sole proprietorship; the Entrepreneur of the Year for an individual who is solely dependent and self-sustainable; and the Freelancer of the Year for a person who has a full-time job and made his or her hobby into a side job.

  The award ceremony featured presentations by Nivea Spanner, Brian Carty, Khalil Houtman, Vaughn Sams, Yavonro Maynard, Fred Cuvalay, Hook-Van Putten and Lijfrock-Redan. The event was hosted by union representative Charles Woodley, with family members and friends of the nominees in attendance. The evening also featured a networking environment, a buffet and live entertainment.

Source: The Daily Herald