Corporate Business Awards to be handed out in Statia in 2021 | THE DAILY HERALD

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ST. EUSTATIUS–To commence 2021 with a “heart-warming ambience”, Excellence Consultancy in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of St. Eustatius and Saba announced Statia’s first Corporate Business Awards 2021. This award is to highlight the diligence of the workforce on the island in the private sector.

  Excellence Consultancy gives business trainings and organises corporate events such as the Empowerment Luncheon in 2017, Business Expo in 2018 and now the Corporate Business Awards.

  The commerce industry in Statia is steadily increasing as new businesses are being formed, chief executive officers (CEOs) and directors are being appointed and freelancing has become a great trend. The Corporate Business Awards 2021 will be the platform for employees and stakeholders to select Statia’s Boss of the Year, Entrepreneur of the Year and Freelancer of the Year.

  The Boss of the Year award will be handed out to a business CEO or director. The Entrepreneur of the Year award will go to individuals who are self-sustaining and the Freelancer of the Year award will be awarded to an individual with a full-time job who has made his or her hobby into a side job.

  The organisers said there were many factors when selecting the nominees. The Nomination Committee went through a list of requirements to make the final selection, among which were Chamber of Commerce registration and various business characteristics.

  “Being that this is the first event of its kind on the island, we do hope to have more nominees the coming years,” the committee said.

  The nominees for Boss of the Year are Fred Cuvalay of St. Eustatius Utility Company STUCO NV; Sharon Heemstadt-Hassell of Windward Islands Bank (WIB); Gerald Berkel of Gems Enterprises; Karien Pieck, Christina Woodley-Charles and Delisia Godett of St. Eustatius Healthcare Foundation (SEHF); Sineida Paul-Suares of The Auxiliary Home; Maryteresse Lijfrock-Redan of St. Eustatius Telecom Company Eutel NV; Lynette Anson-Leerdam of Lyn’s Dream Bakery, Terrence Keogh of GTI Statia; Davon Lopes of Statia Construction; and Anthony Hooker of Gramva NV.

  Nominated in the category Entrepreneur of the Year are Mansion Hardware, The Boardwalk Café, Blue Bead restaurant, C&U Ambiance, Fingers Catering, ICS Statia, Jays Enterprises, Mapima’s Hott Spott, Mobile Delicious, My Health Medical Center, O.P. Chandlers, R.T. Enterprises, Taste of the Caribbean, Twich Productions, Universal Express and Utopia Catering.

  Freelancer of the Year has as nominees Gustino Brown, Brian Carty, Edwin Blair, Jacquil Pandt, Malachi Hendrix, Nivea Spanner, Rijziena Hooker, Sjudie Redan and Shelton Sealey.

Source: The Daily Herald