Country records ‘great’ new timeshare sales


MIAMI, Florida–Following much negative news from the timeshare sector, especially owners having to head to court to fight for their rights, there is excellent news in timeshare sales for St. Maarten,

Interval International Director Resort Sales and Service Neil Kolton said on Tuesday that the country has generated the “greatest new sales volumes” in the region in recent months.

This growth was attributed to more developers and property owners gravitating to “mixed use development” – traditional hotels with a timeshare component. That approach has aided in timeshare conversions.

This is “the most common model” for property developers. Kolton explained that people staying at a mixed-use property have already experienced the property and its amenities and are more inclined to purchase timeshare at that specific property.

Upgrading and renovation of existing properties have also contributed to the increase of sales volume. Simpson Bay Beach Resort was singled out by Kolton at the ongoing 18th annual International Shared Ownership Investment Conference in Eden Roc Miami Beach Resort and Spa. Simpson Bay Beach Resort is finalising a US $25 million upgrade slated to be completed next month.

Kolton also highlighted the constant attention to needs of timeshare owners and guests by Oyster Bay Beach Resort as assisting the country’s mature, but still robust timeshare sector.

St. Maarten and Aruba continue to lead the timeshare sector in the Caribbean with inventory and desirability, according to research.

The sector in the region is but “a small market,” said Kolton. However, there are “huge opportunities” for other destinations in the region to create “a diverse tourism economy. This is more sustainable,” Kolton pointed out.

Timeshare benefits both the destination with visitors who return year-after-year and the visitors who form ties to their preferred destination as their home.

Kolton said topping the benefits of timeshare for a destination is that it is a prepaid vacation, booked in advance, and timeshare owners spend more while on-island, because they do not have hotel bill afterward.

Adding his voice to the timeshare discussion at a Caribbean Roundtable with journalists, Prime Minister William Marlin said timeshare accounted for 75 per cent of the country’s stay-over sector. This is driven by the availability of 3,600 timeshare units across 14 properties compared to 1,500 hotel rooms.

“At peak season, hotels have an occupancy of around 75 per cent. It’s 84 per cent for timeshare,” said Marlin.

Hotel guests stay on-island an average of 6.6 nights while timeshare guests have an average of 10 nights per vacation.

Source: The Daily Herald


  1. That is good news indeed. Now for Government to pass the new Timeshare legislation so we won’t have more Pelican / Alegria (just to name a few) disasters which causes our island massive reputational damage.