Couple’s argument leads to multiple arrests by police | THE DAILY HERALD

PHILIPSBURG–The Police Detective Department is looking into a case involving an argument between a couple that got out of hand and led to the arrest of several other persons.

Police spokesman Chief Inspector Ricardo Henson said on Sunday that the incident took place on Sao Paolo Road in Zorg en Rust, also known as the 911 Project, at 2:15am Sunday. Several police patrols were sent to the scene to assist in the incident.

“A couple were having a heated argument near the street when the situation escalated, at which time family members of the female got involved. Stones were thrown by family members, injuring the male victim involved to his head. On the arrival of the patrols, the situation had seriously gotten out of hand, involving numerous persons. The woman who was fighting with her partner suffered a possible broken arm.

“During this incident an argument broke out between two other men who were near the scene, at which time a shot was fired. Immediately the investigating officers looked into this situation and located the firearm which was used. No one was injured during the shooting; however, two male suspects were arrested in connection with this incident. Another man came on the scene and tried to obstruct the officers from making the arrests. This suspect identified with initial M. was also arrested,” stated Henson.

The victims were treated on the scene by paramedics and then transported to St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) for further treatment.

“Detectives are presently investigating the situation to piece together what exactly took place, why, and who is responsible for which criminal act, because the situation at this point is very unclear,” according to Henson.

Source: The Daily Herald