Court employee suspended over irregularities with funds

PHILIPSBURG–An unidentified staff member of the Court House in St. Maarten has been suspended pending investigations into “irregularities” related to third party funds at the office.

  A complaint on the matter will also be filed with the Public Prosecution Service in St Maarten, a press release issued by the Joint Court of Justice on Friday stated.

  According to the release, in the past few months, the Joint Court of Justice has conducted internal investigations into the management and administration of the so-called third-party funds accounts at the offices in Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao and Sint Maarten. These are accounts on which, amongst other things, criminally confiscated funds are deposited.

 The findings at the St Maarten office gave reason for further investigation, the Joint Court stated.  “Some irregularities have been discovered. Possibly an employee of the Court is involved.”

  In connection with this, the Court suspended the employee in question pending further investigation and subsequently a complaint will be filed with the Public Prosecution Service in Sint Maarten.

  Additionally, the Court has sharpened its internal controls, both in Sint Maarten as well as at its other offices, to prevent a repetition in the future. The Joint Court of Justice said it will not make any further announcements on this matter as it awaits the results of the further investigation into the irregularities.

Source: The Daily Herald