Court finds man guilty of supermarket robbery

PHILIPSBURG–The Joint Court of Justice on Thursday sentenced a 23-year-old man to 48 months, 12 of which were suspended, on two years’ probation, for the armed robbery of Dessam supermarket in St. Peters on January 5, 2016, and for theft of a bicycle of the Trek brand.

In September 2016, the Court of First Instance acquitted suspect Edwin E.A. Bruney of these charges, and sentenced him to eight months, five of which were suspended, on two years’ probation, for illegal firearm possession, and two cases of mistreatment.

The Prosecutor’s Office filed for appeal and called for a conviction of robbery and theft, and requested a prison term of four years.

Bruney listened to the verdict with his head bowed as the Judge declared him guilty. The Joint Court found it proven that the Sucker Garden resident had stolen a Trek bicycle which was parked outside Summit supermarket. He used the bike to drive to Dessam supermarket, where he robbed the cashier of some US $300 to $400.

Bruney had denied any involvement in the supermarket robbery and in taking the bicycle. The Joint Court, however, found him guilty as his DNA was found on a Boston Red Sox baseball cap which was found near the supermarket, as well as on a white and a dark shirt. These pieces of clothing were worn by the robber, it emerged from surveillance-camera images.

As the Solicitor General had requested the defendant’s immediate incarceration in case of a conviction, he ordered Bruney to report himself to the Police by 12:00pm today, Friday, for the execution of his sentence.

Source: The Daily Herald