Court orders Alegría to provide The Dream Pool Bar with water

BEACON HILL–Owner Piet Martijn “Marty” Dijkhuis of The Dream Pool Bar and Lounge at the former Caravanserai Beach Resort in Beacon Hill won a third battle in Court on Friday in the ongoing legal “war” with new resort owner Alegría Real Estate B.V.

  This time it concerned the supply of water to the pool bar, which had been cut off for quite some time. Dijkhuis believed this was part of Alegría’s tactics to get him out of the resort by harassing him. Alegría wants to turn the resort into a five-star luxury resort and the popular watering hole does not fit in these plans.

  The Court ordered on Friday that landlord Alegría is obligated to provide tenant Dijkhuis with sufficient water to operate his bar. In case there is no water, Alegría is obligated to provide Dijkhuis with water in a different way, the Court established.

  Dijkhuis also had filed for damages, which were awarded by the Court, because the Pool Bar had been deprived of water for a long time and without any clear explanation as to the reason.

  The Judge also stated it could not be excluded that Alegría again would fail to provide The Dream Bar with water in the future. Therefore, the Court ordered Alegría to provide the bar with water against payment of US $1,000 per day to a maximum of $50,000, in case of non-compliance. The resort owner also was ordered to pay the legal costs of the procedure.

  In May, Alegría in vain requested the Court to order an eviction. A second injunction, in which the Judge ruled on October 2, met the same fate. In the meantime, Alegría also filed a so-called court case on the merits against Dijkhuis. 

Source: The Daily Herald Court orders Alegría to provide The Dream Pool Bar with water