Covenant and Roadmap for trafficking, smuggling signed

BONAIRE–A “Covenant Theme Registry” for trafficking in human beings and smuggling of human beings and a Roadmap for victims was signed by the chain partners of the working group on trafficking in human beings and smuggling in human beings in the Caribbean Netherlands on Wednesday.

  The chain partners are: the Police (detection and office for victim assistance); Immigration and Naturalization Service IND; Public Prosecution; Royal Constabulary; Guardianship Council and the Public Entity and Social Affairs. An integral Plan of Action against trafficking in human beings had been prepared with a link to the Covenant Theme Registry and the Roadmap.

  The purpose of the Covenant Theme Registry is to effectively address the prevention of and fight against trafficking in human beings and human smuggling, stated the press release. This means that signals can be better registered with the Police. Multiple notifications can ultimately lead to an investigation against one or more defendants. The Roadmap is intended to act as efficiently and effectively as possible through the chain partners when there is a possible victim, the release said.

  “Victims should be removed, as soon as possible, from the exploitative situation; perpetrators must be prosecuted as soon as possible. But of course, we must do everything to prevent the crimes, that is why all countries and islands in the Kingdom (including Caribbean Netherlands), upon the request of the Minister of Justice, have made an integral Plan of Action against trafficking in human beings,” it was stated.

  The working group on trafficking in human beings and human smuggling has already done plenty throughout the years. In the plan some new emphasis has been laid. The Plan of Action includes activities in the field of education. Therefore, there will be more information given, for example to employers and employees in the construction and in the hospitality industries.

  It was agreed to carry out controls more often together with multiple services. Bonaire will check for compliance of the permit conditions of companies, the IND will look at the residency papers and Social Affairs the working conditions.

  From the criminal law angle, the focus will be on the taking away of criminal power. Profit is the main driving force of traders and smugglers, the release said.

  According to the release from Rijksdienst Caribisch Nederland (RCN), “human trafficking is a horrific crime. It is often referred to as the modern form of slavery and is a violation of human rights. Human trafficking is the exploitation of men, women and children by putting them under duress or by deception to work. In the Caribbean region, we find victims, usually in the sex industry, hotel and catering, construction or domestic help.”

  Human smuggling is bringing migrants across the border illegally; often, this comes with the smuggling of drugs and firearms. Smuggling can be dealt with most efficiently through cooperation between the services.

Source: The Daily Herald