COVID-19 vaccine scheduled to arrive in Statia February 15 | THE DAILY HERALD

ST. EUSTATIUS–Deputy Government Commissioner Alida Francis said the COVID-19 vaccine is scheduled to arrive in St. Eustatius on Monday, February 15, and the public entity St. Eustatius is striving to start the vaccination right after the vaccine’s arrival.

  The Ministry of Public Health, Welfare and Sport officially selected the Moderna vaccine for distribution in Statia. The Public Health Department is currently in full preparation for the vaccinations.

  A town-hall meeting in collaboration between the public entity and the Lions Club will take place at Mike van Putten Youth Centre/Lions’ Den at 7:00pm today, Wednesday, January 27. Information will be provided about the vaccine and the vaccinations, why it is strongly advised to get vaccinated and how safe the vaccine is. Information will also be shared about how the vaccine was developed, and some of the myths that are being spread on the Internet will also be discussed.

  “We are strongly advising persons to attend the meeting, as a lot of information will be shared,” Francis said. The town-hall meeting will be broadcast live via the St. Eustatius government’s Facebook page.

  The public entity requests that persons who have completed their registration forms for the COVID-19 vaccinations return these as soon as possible so the Public Health Department can give residents notice of their appointment date and time soon.

  The COVID-19 vaccination registration form can be downloaded from the Statia government’s website The form can also be picked up at Queen Beatrix Medical Centre, the Public Health Department and Golden Rock Pharmacy. Completed registration form can be sent via email to

One can also can send in the form by taking a photo of the completed form and sending it via WhatsApp to tel. 318-5146. Forms can also be dropped off at the Public Health Department on Cottage Road.

  Francis said that information gathering from the vaccinations form will be used by the Public Health Department to plan and schedule vaccinations based on the number of registrations.

  The Statia government is also advising persons to read more about the Moderna vaccine at the website of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment RIVM.

Source: The Daily Herald


  1. In the European part of the Netherlands it’s organized chaos. Nor ministries (yes, more than one!), nor RIVM, nor GGD’s are capable of organizing the vaccination without mayor faults, mistakes and blunders.
    In the story of the vaccination of the six islands there are outlined so many ‘if’s’ and other terms or conditions, that any politician can undo promises without losing face.

    Besides this, the European Union and the Dutch government have made such bad agreements with various vaccin making companies, that now, when it has become clear that these companies have sold quantities of the vaccin, which were contracted for European countries, to other countries, among them the UK. Again, all governments were sleeping as the UK delayed the pace of the Brexit contracts, to arrange more vaccins for the UK, which have come from European production facilities. You might think that this affects only European Netherlands, but when there’s a shortage of vaccins in the Netherlands of a few millions, were do you think these untrustworthy ministers and state secretaries will make the cut?

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