Crime family gets sentenced by court

PHILIPSBURG–Renaldo Reo Reymond received four more years in addition to the sixteen years he already has to serve in the Pointe Blanche prison for importing and selling weapons, drug possession and money laundering. His father, mother and younger brother also received sentences from the Judge in the Court of First Instance on Wednesday morning.

  Renaldo’s brother Richard Reymond received a two-year sentence, with one year being conditional. Richard played a major role in picking up drugs and cash for his brother for an extended period of time.

  As part of his sentence, he will have to report to the Mental Health Foundation to seek treatment. Richard told the court during the hearing two weeks ago that he does not feel right in his head and would like to get treatment. He will be released from detention because he has already served nine months behind bars.

  The two men’s father Victor Reymond (83) received a compassionate sentence of 14 months with two years’ probation. The judge stressed that Victor did not have to go back to prison, but if he commits any crimes during his probation period he will be put back in the Pointe Blanche prison.

  Victor’s wife Irene Flemming received 12 months with the same two-year probation period as her husband. 

Source: The Daily Herald


  1. “Richard played a major role in picking up drugs and cash…” and telling the court that something is wrong on his head.

    In other words you can be a member of a criminal organisation on this island, acting as a courier for drugs and dirty money and telling the judge something about having a headache and then as a consequence you leave the courthouse as a free man…unbelieveable…only in St. Maarten.