Cross border workers must be in possession of waiver document | THE DAILY HERALD

MARIGOT—The Préfecture reminded Friday that travel restrictions apply in both directions at the borders of St. Martin/St. Maarten to combat the spread of coronavirus COVID-19.

Movement on the French side is strictly prohibited unless in possession of a waiver document justifying travel for a particular purpose. This also applies to cross border workers and other persons going to the Dutch side. Travel to the Dutch-side is prohibited without specific purpose and vice-versa

Cross-border workers must be in possession of proof of business travel and travel waiver. These documents can be downloaded in French and English on the Facebook page or website of the Préfecture.

The personal waiver document must be filled in or copied with an indelible ink pen. It is to be filled in for each outing. The professional waiver document must be stamped and signed by the employer, on the Dutch side as well. It is only valid for essential business trips.

Controls are being reinforced by French and Dutch side police patrols set up in both directions. Failure to comply with these orders and repeat offences will be punishable by a fine and liable to prosecution for endangering the lives of others.

Sanctions for disobeying the confinement rules are: first offence 135 euros, repeat offence within 15 days 1,500 euros. Three or more infractions within 30 days 3, 750 euros and six months in prison.

Source: The Daily Herald