Cruyff Court to get a new roof | THE DAILY HERALD

Groundwork to facilitate the placement of a roof on Cruyff Court.

ST. EUSTATIUS–Cruyff Court will soon be covered with a roof. Construction began in March with the pouring of the foundation for the groundworks.

  The Court is located at Fredrick Cranston Sports Field. The project is expected to be finalised by the last quarter of this year.

  The construction is a collaborative effort of the public entity St. Eustatius, Johan Cruyff Foundation and the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport VWS. The VWS Ministry also contributes financially to a large extent.

  The court is of much value to sports on the island. It helps schools, associations and all Statians to be active and to socialise. With the installation of the roof, schools will be given more opportunities to become active during the daytime by having class under a shaded area.

  Materials for the roof are being shipped and will arrive on the island in June. The construction of the roof will take place during the summer vacation to minimise inconvenience to schools. In October, once the major tasks are completed, lighting will be installed to increase the use of the court during the evening hours.

Source: The Daily Herald