CSI celebrates Women’s Day


Women at the CSI gathering in French Quarter hold hands in solidarity.


MARIGOT–The association Centre Symphorien d’Insertion (CSI) celebrated International Women’s Day on Thursday with a gathering of dynamic women at the Maison de Quartier in French Quarter.


“I am surrounded today by women of action who work in the field in French Quarter,” said CSI President Marie-Paule Rousseau. “CSI is continuously active and works relentlessly for the people. Since [Hurricane – Ed.] Irma we have doubled our efforts to respond the needs of the entire population of French Quarter.

“Today we are also launching our seniors-youth programme. CSI has noticed a willingness of seniors to fight to bring St. Martin back on its feet, to return to a St. Martin of yesteryear. The presence and experience of our seniors will allow us to confront the reality of today and prepare the events of tomorrow.

“I would like to recognize Vera Arnell, a valiant and committed woman at the service of Generations, Isabelle Dillio, the Sophrologist SXM Zenitude, Cindia Donat, Latesia Chittick, Mandisa Hunkins, Fushia, Merlyn Lawrence, Prescillia Gazon working at the Gendarmerie and all the exceptional women in the field. ‘Well done’ also to Eunice Wescott, Jennifer Tomlinson, and Sophia Willis. We should continue our role and mission in the field, continue to do our best to aid the rebuilding, be that of our homes or to restore strength and hope to the people.”
Rousseau said CSI is calling on seniors to transfer their knowledge and skills to youth and women ages 19-40. Culinary Chef and cooking and catering instructor Josiane Rousseau will be teaching young women French and Caribbean culinary and gastronomic arts from her workshop.

On the educational front for tutoring and assistance with homework, and the parent-child experience of living together, it is Vera Arnell, a professional in the healthcare sector with 30 years-service to young people and family education, who will lead this initiative.

Source: The Daily Herald https://www.thedailyherald.sx/islands/74536-csi-celebrates-women-s-day