Curaçao boaters held by Venezuelan water police | THE DAILY HERALD

The detained group.

CARACAS/WILLEMSTAD–Information from Venezuela indicates that their maritime police while patrolling 75 nautical miles from Tucacas, Falcón, captured four Dutch nationals (from Curaçao) and one Venezuelan, who were on board the two vessels Alaika and Elsa Curaçao. The reason for their arrest was being ten nautical miles from Morrocoy National Park without any documentation, presuming that said boats are used to smuggle fuel, cigars, whiskey and drugs from the South American country to the neighbouring island.

The detainees were identified as Martinez Wolfang (Venezuelan), Gonzalez Davidson Jason, Naoki Ashaninko Rodrigo, Evelio Juan Ezequiel and Genaro Antonio (all four Dutch citizens). They were transferred to the police headquarters in Tucacas pending a criminal investigation.

Source: The Daily Herald