Curaçao sees over 50,000 registrations for vaccine | THE DAILY HERALD

The current COVID-19 spike convinced many to sign up.

WILLEMSTAD–Up to Thursday morning, nearly 52,388 people were registered for vaccination against coronavirus in Curaçao, almost half the target of 106,225 or 85 per cent of the adult population.


Health Minister Zita Jesus-Leito (standing second from left) recently visited the Sambil injection centre.


Standing in line for a shot at naval base Parera.



The new injection site at SDK.

Some 24,613 of these had already received their first of two shots. On Wednesday alone, 1,800 persons were injected. 
  Due to expanding the injection capacity, people with an appointment in May or June can now get an earlier date.

  Government’s goal is to give everyone who wants it, their first shot before the end of April. The telephone team on vaccination line 9345 will be expanded from 60 to 120 people.

  In total, Curaçao has about 125,000 inhabitants over the age of 18, who are all eligible for the vaccine.

Source: The Daily Herald


  1. And now the Dutch from European Netherlands have to come to the island as well, because there only the very bad AstraZeneca vaccin is offered to the general public. Nobody wants this. It is the most cheap vacc6, but the main reason is that de family of minister De Jong earns money with specifically this vaccin.