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~ To break impasse in Parliament ~

WILLEMSTAD–The government of Curaçao plans to ask for intervention from the Netherlands because the opposition is boycotting Parliament meetings to examine the credentials of Emmilou Capriles as prospective PAR-faction member, normally a mere formality.

  This leaves the PAR/MAN coalition with only half of the remaining 20 seats in the 21-seat house, short of a majority. The Rhuggenaath Cabinet was to submit an official request to the Kingdom Council of Ministers in The Hague today, Wednesday, based on Article 42 section 2 of the Kingdom Charter, which makes safeguarding basic freedoms, legal security as well as proper governance kingdom affairs.

  In addition to withholding from a legitimate candidate the democratically earned execution of her passive voting rights, this situation means that, for example, the current coronavirus COVID-19-related state of emergency cannot be prolonged due to lack of legislative backing. More importantly, essential cost-cutting and other laws agreed on to receive more much-needed Dutch liquidity support must be passed with some urgency.

  The opposition is hindering PAR because it in turn would not take them seriously, according to MFK-leader Gilmar “Pik” Pisas. Prime Minister Eugene Rhuggenaath (PAR) spoke with him, but to no avail.

  A faction leaders meeting was called to try and break the deadlock, but of the opposition only independent parliamentarian Rennox Calmes showed up and did not commit to helping form a quorum.

  Governor Lucille George-Wout has meanwhile started consultations with parties represented in the legislature.

  Whether the Kingdom Council of Ministers will intervene remains to be seen. In general, The Hague is cautious about meddling in Curaçao’s internal affairs.

  The last time was in 2019, when the Rhuggenaath Cabinet was given a financial instruction because of poor public finances. Before that, it happened in 2017 with the intended postponement of already scheduled elections by then interim Prime Minister Pisas.

Source: The Daily Herald


  1. What some already knew, is now confirmed for many people: this government are the puppets-on-chains of the colonial government in Den Haag. True intentions of these weasels are now revealed.
    Next step for these vassals is to adapt their skin color to that of their masters…

  2. Just like in any small children daycare center, there is sometimes an argument.
    But in this circus show they call parliament, is a day-to-day event.