Curfew from midnight to 5:00am on French side to last one month | THE DAILY HERALD

MARIGOT—Préfet Serge Gouteyron at a press conference Thursday afternoon implemented a curfew to start from midnight this Friday, January 7, until 5:00am, and which will last for one month in a concerted effort to curtail spread of the Omicron virus.

  All establishments on the French side must be closed by midnight. Any movement between the curfew hours is strictly prohibited for one month. Sale of take away alcohol is prohibited from 6:00pm and all restaurants and bars, regardless of previous distinctions and exemptions over capacity, are required to ask customers to show their health pass at the entrance.

  The préfet expressed his appreciation for the close collaboration with Dutch-side Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs and said he is ready to align his measures with that of the Dutch side should there be the need to bring forward closing of establishments to 11:00pm.

  He said unlike previous variants that caused severe illness and even death, by contrast the milder but rapidly spreading Omicron can potentially be very damaging to the economy.

  All discotheques and dance floors are to remain closed. Gendarmes will be carrying out controls to ensure the measures are being adhered to.

  Persons with compelling personal or professional reasons who need to travel between the curfew hours must apply for an “attestation” which can be requested by clicking on “couvre-feu” (curfew) on the link: deplacement-derogatoire-covid-19/  

Source: The Daily Herald