Cuts in road surface | THE DAILY HERALD

Traffic jams and frustrated motorists were still very evident on Wednesday in and around the Cole Bay basin. This comes even though Infrastructure Minister Miklos Giterson halted all daytime road repair works on Tuesday. The cutaway sections of the road are blamed for the molasses flow of traffic.

The situation was not as severe as it had been on Monday when motorists were locked in traffic for more than 90 minutes at a time. Giterson apologised to the community on Wednesday “for the disorder caused on Monday.”  He said that although an interruption to the regular traffic flow had been anticipated, “I do not think anyone foresaw what ended up happening.”

The “lack of communication and proper reporting are internal issues noted from the experience and will be resolved. Additionally, moving forward we will do a better job of informing the community of scheduled work,” he said in the Council of Ministers press briefing.

Source: The Daily Herald